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How to back-up your MSSql Database with myLittleAdmin.

Follow the instructions below to backup your MSSQL database.

Note: Cloud recommends* using Internet Explorer when managing your MSSQL databases via myLittleAdmin.

Backing Up Your MSSQL Database

  1. To manage your MSSQL database, you'll first need to login to the online manager (myLittleAdmin).
  2. After you are logged into the online manager, click on Tools in the bottom of the left frame as shown in this example:
  3. Then on the Tools menu, click Database Backup and Restore:

    This will open the myLittleBackup interface in a new window:
  4. From myLittleBackup, click on Backup databases from the left menu:

    The database backup form will load in the window's right frame.

  5. In step 1, choose the database you would like to backup from the drop-down menu (which should be the only one listed) and click OK to continue:

  6. Step 2 is just for information and verification; you will find generic information about your database in this step. Keep in mind that the backup process duration depends on the database size you see in this step. Since you only have one database you can just click OK:

    Note: If you see the notification below (There are too many backup files in your backup folder), it means you all ready have a backup file saved in myLittleBackup. If you want to create a new backup, please follow this guide to managing your backup files to remove the existing backup first.

  7. Step 3 is optional, but feel free to choose a backup set name and description:

    If you don't want choose a backup set name and description or you're not sure what to use, just leave it blank or use the database name as both!

  8. If everything above looks correct, you're ready to click the Backup button in Step 4:

    During this time you will see a loading message on the screen. Please take heed of the warning myLittleBackup gives: You're now ready to backup your database. The process can take several minutes. Be patient and do not click the stop button until done.

    The Finish Line
  9. Congratulations! You have just created a backup of your MSSQL database! You should now see a link to download your database backup in Step 5:


* takes no responsibility whatsoever for any files, code, content, database back-ups that are not made and/or are not made/done correctly. The information included on this knowledgebase page is usual and customary DB back-up procedures, but may not be complete. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that their site material is correctly backed-up. If a client prefers to make other arrangements or methods for backing up site material, it is at their sole discretion. always recommends that client back-up their entire site on a regular schedule.


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